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Deep Sea Fishing Dubai is a Popular Sport for those who love Adventure

deep sea fishing dubai

Deep Sea Fishing Dubai is a Popular Sport Deep sea fishing has become one of the tourist’s and anglers’ most popular outdoor activities. If you enjoy exploring the open ocean and escaping the hectic city life for a while, a fishing trip in Dubai is just right for you. Stunning views, waves, breezes, and clear […]

Plan a Deep Sea Fishing Trip in Dubai

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Deep sea fishing is perhaps the most popular open-air activity in Dubai. This method involves trolling and bottom fishing, usually 16-20 times, then 40 miles out to sea. On a deep sea fishing holiday in Dubai, you can catch giant barracuda, totoaba, queenfish, tuna, giant mackerel, and a variety of bottom fish. What Fish to […]

Why Fishing Trip Dubai is Important

Do you want to do something different on vacation? A fishing trip in Dubai offers you the best of both worlds, exploring the high seas and enjoying unparalleled views of the city’s most famous landmarks. Deep sea fishing in Dubai is fun for everyone, whether you are a professional or a beginner. This is your […]

Here are the Best Fishing Spots in Dubai

deep sea fishing in dubai

Famous Fishing Spots in Dubai What is it about fishing that is so appealing to people? Other than the fact that people fish for food, sport fishing has gotten people hooked. One of the significant reasons is that fishing satisfies the primal urge to catch. Fishing enthusiasts find adventure in the challenge of hunting a […]

Which Yacht Company is Perfect for Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai

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Those who love fishing will be glad to know that they can now do it in one of the most luxurious and amazing places in the world – Dubai. You can now rent a fishing yacht and experience first-hand what it’s like to sail in its beautiful turquoise waters while also enjoying a fun-filled activity […]

Tips on Catching Big Fish in Memorable Deep Sea Fishing Experience in Dubai

Deep sea fishing dubai

Memorable Deep Sea Fishing Experience in Dubai A fascinating adventure awaits you for a memorable deep sea fishing experience in Dubai. You’ll be provided with tips on catching Big Fish so you can have the best chance at coming home with a whopper of a story.Are you looking for a way to add some excitement […]

What is The Best Time For Fishing in Dubai?

Deep Sea Fishing Dubai

Fishing in Dubai is a Popular Tourist Pastime Looking to go fishing in Dubai? Here’s everything you need to know! Fishing in Dubai is a popular pastime and there are plenty of great spots to choose from. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fisherman, you’ll be able to find a spot that’s perfect for […]

Fishing Gear: All You Need to Know

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Fishing Gear: All You Need to Know Before packing your bags and driving to the airport for your big fishing trip, there are a few things you should take into consideration so that you don’t come back home empty-handed. Today we’re going to be talking about flying with fishing gear and how to properly travel […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai

deep sea fishing dubai

Beginner’s Guide to Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai Are you looking for the perfect recreational fishing adventure? One that is right out of Dubai with big catches and beautiful blue waters? If so, deep sea fishing is the perfect activity for you. It is one of the most popular fishing experiences because it offers anglers […]

Deep Sea Fishing is an Activity that is Often Underrated in Dubai

Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai Deep sea fishing is an activity that is often underrated in Dubai. Most visitors and residents focus on the bars, restaurants, and events while living in a coastal city. However, Dubai has a thriving fishing community and culture. If you’re looking for something different to do, consider deep sea fishing. […]