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Deep Sea Fishing Dubai

Experience Fishing Tour Dubai with our Professional team and Catch Fish in no time!

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Speed Boat Fishing Dubai with Free Fishing Equipments & Bait

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Experience the Ultimate Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai – Book Your fishing Trip Dubai Today!

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Experience the exhilaration of deep sea fishing in Dubai with our premier fishing charters Dubai. Set sail on a memorable journey as you plunge your bait into the rich waters of the Arabian Gulf, a haven for a variety of sought-after species. Our customized fishing trips Dubai are perfect for both experienced anglers and beginners, equipped with state – of – the – art gear and guided by experts to maximize your catch and enjoyment. Challenge yourself by hooking a majestic marlin or a hefty grouper, all while surrounded by the breathtaking Dubai skyline and crystal clear waters. Book your deep sea fishingΒ trip Dubai expedition today and let us create memories that will last a lifetime.

Fishing Trips Dubai Latest News

Embark on Unforgettable Fishing Adventures with Deep Sea Fishing Dubai
Embark on Unforgettable Fishing Adventures with Deep Sea Fishing Dubai
The Ultimate Guide to Fishing Trips in Dubai: Finding the Best Deals and Experiencing Luxury
The Ultimate Guide to Fishing Trips in Dubai: Finding the Best Deals and Experiencing Luxury
Deep Sea Fishing Trip in Dubai: A Comprehensive Guide by Deep Sea Fishing Dubai
Deep Sea Fishing Trip in Dubai: A Comprehensive Guide by Deep Sea Fishing Dubai
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Experience The Amazing Fishing Trip Dubai Moments

Customer Testimonials and Success Stories

Great company! Highly recommended!! They did everything right at a great price and put us on top of lots of great fish. We had so much fun and the crew were amazing and very attentive.. great boat! A+++ all the way around
Pavel Chuchalin
Pavel Chuchalin
Had experience with many different yachts charters, but this one is the best. At the time of making reservation - was advised the best yacht for my needs. Yacht itself - clean and tidy. Crew - very friendly. Will definitely use again in future.
Walid Abboud
Walid Abboud
Captain Mohsen and assistant Jatu were really great and we enjoyed a very happy fishing trip. Thanks
Yasir Yasir
Yasir Yasir
Nanje Yachts delivered an outstanding deep-sea fishing trip! The boat was top-notch, and the crew Ajay made sure every moment was filled with excitement
The best deep-sea fishing charter in town! Nanje Yachts provided a fantastic experience. The captain Shyam and crew jayath were knowledgeable and friendly
samshu perne
samshu perne
Unforgettable deep-sea fishing adventure with Nanje Yachts! The crew and captain was exceptional, and the experience was beyond my expectations.
Deeshik Shetty
Deeshik Shetty
Best fishing trips in Dubai .........thanks
Musab Marzook
Musab Marzook
The Capitan ajai were a very helpful guy with a fully experienced skills in fishing, We hunt a lot of fishes, Was a great picnic ThanksπŸ’™
Harshith Harsh
Harshith Harsh
We booked Fishing trip it was really great time we had. Our weekend fishing trip was great especially the service crew and captain very helpful and best equipments we use highly recommend.
pavithran pavi
pavithran pavi
It was 4 hour deep sea fishing it’s really wroth and we catch variety of fishes appreciate to captain and crews

Book Your Unforgettable Deep sea Fishing Trip Dubai Today!

Best Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai with our Fishing Boat Rental Dubai

Nanje Yachts offer deep sea fishing Dubai outing is the perfect way to meet your fishing hobbies. Hiring speed fishing boats Dubai services is also one of the most preferred options for the best fishing trips in Dubai. Meanwhile, some stick to the yacht tour, but other adventurous, young, energetic minds choose the Deep Sea Fishing Dubai options, Speed Boat Fishing Dubai and more. Deep Sea Fishing Dubai – Trolling Fishing Dubai helps people to explore not only the fishing Dubai services but also their desires of exploring the sea. The vast number of services and the incoming crowd is proof of the demand and also the quality of Fishing Trip in Dubai. However, the other aspects of watersports Dubai and also the activities around them are prospering too.

Choose The Best Time For Fishing in Dubai

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Explore Our Deep Sea Fishing Charters in Dubai

Luxury Boats and Top-Notch Equipment

33 Feet Fishing Boat

33 Feet Fishing Boat

Guests – 10 (Max)
Crew – 1 Captain
Sightseeing | Washroom | Swimming* | Quality Sound System | Safety Equipments | Mineral Water | Professional Licensed Captain & Crew

35 Feet Boat for Fishing in Dubai

35 Feet Gulf Craft

Guests – 10 (Max)
Crew – 1 Captain & 1 Crew
Fishing | Swimming* | Sunbathing | Sightseeing | Washroom | Quality Sound System | Safety Equipments | Professional Licensed Captain & Crew
High-speed and comfortable boats

35 Feet Walk Around

Guests – 10 (Max)
Crew – 1 Captain & 1 Crew
Fishing* | Swimming* | Sunbathing | Sightseeing | Washroom | Quality Sound System | Safety Equipments | Professional Licensed Captain & Crew
48 Feet Yacht for Fishing

48 Feet Yacht

Guests – 12 (Max)
Crew – 1 Captain & 1 Crew
Fishing* | Swimming* | Sunbed | Upperdeck | BBQ Stations | Kitchen | Washroom | Sound System | Safety Equipments | Professional Licensed Captain & Crew

50 Feet Luxury Fishing Yacht Rental in Dubai

50 Feet Yacht

Guests – 20 (Max)
Crew – 1 Captain & 2 Crew
Fishing* | Swimming* | Sunbathing | Sightseeing BBQ Stations & Microwave | Washroom | Quality Sound System | Safety Equipments | Professional Licensed Captain & Crew
Sharing Deep Sea Fishing Trip in Dubai

Sharing Deep Sea Fishing

Free Shipping Equipments | Sitting Area | Rest room & Washroom | Mineral Water with Ice Cubes | Music System | Trained & Licensed Captain Crew



To travel To-and-from anywhere within UAE limits and our yacht location .

BBQ onboard

Live BBQ Onboard

Live BBQ Menu / Refreshments / Fishing Trip
water sports on Fishing trips

Water Sports

Sea Adventures along with a luxury cruise for an exciting vacation in Dubai

Deep Sea Fishing Trips in Dubai

Thought about changing your pace and choosing a different kind of vacation for yourself? Book a Fishing Trip Dubai with us and Find yourself Living the ideal Fishing in Dubai Dream!

Yacht & Boat bookings have increased lately, and more and more groups of people all over the globe choose to spend their holidays & vacations in open water under the dazzling sky – as they book Fishing Boat in Dubai for Rent to a hotel. The Fishing Charter Dubai Team and their efforts are also useful to provide these services.

Meanwhile, the most basic skills can help you in the enjoyment of deep-sea fishing Dubai services. An unlimited array of fishing spots in dubai, trolling fishing Dubai services and also fishing yacht Dubai services are always at the disposal. This means that the Impeccable fishing trip to Dubai is no longer a fantasy. The ease of service to rent a fishing boat for a rental fishing trip is also equally useful for economy customers. All that it needs is the right idea of the tools and the right idea of how to hire deep sea fishing Dubai services and to find the best fishing trips in Dubai too.

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Options For Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai

The various options also depend on the skill level of the angler. If the deep seaΒ fishing trip Dubai service is for beginners, the free zone is easy for the right fishing Dubai experience. Meanwhile, for the experts, the fishing yacht Dubai is the best way to explore too. It provides a lot of good quality options for individuals. The idea is to create the perfect fishing Dubai experience as per the user demand. The speed boat fishing Dubai service also helps for the quick and tricky sessions. For different seasons, the fishing Dubai experience is also different. For example, winters see a lot of fish colonies in line near the coast. This means that the time for deep sea fishing Dubai options are better for the sunlight half of the day.

fishing charter Dubai

Reviews across platforms and ages all reveal the perfect quality of fishing trip Dubai. The fishing yacht Dubai adventure to catch a Kingfish or even the Queen Mackerel leads to a variety of fun. With the participation for fishing Dubai activities cross-platforms also at a high, the demands shoot up.

However, the ease of hiring fishing charter Dubai services make for a memorable experience. Fishing Dubai safety precautions remain paramount to ensure a safe and successful experience worth a lifetime too.


Affordable Prices for fishing boats

Our Fishing tour Dubai prices are the lowest cost for fishing tour in Dubai Marina in compared to all other fishing tour companies. We do it by making regular loyal customers by giving them best experience for their Dubai fishing trip.

Fishing trips with experienced captain & crew

Our captain and crew has 10 year experience on fishing trips. So you don’t have to worry, even if its your first time. Our captain will help you to catch the fishes And that makes us the best fishing charter in Dubai Marina.

Best Quality Fishing Trips in Dubai

We know how to making you happy, we will give you a wonderful experience in Fishing Boat Dubai and other thing that will make you to come to us again n again. So we take immense care that we provide you the best quality Fishing Yacht in Dubai for fishing trip Dubai.Β 

Deep Sea Fishing Trip Dubai

The organizers also attract a lot of crowd through fishing trip Dubai competitions. The fishing trips Dubai is often the witness of thousands of fishing lovers at once. Meanwhile, the fishing boats Dubai is under high demand too during the season. Because of the rush, it becomes difficult to hire deep sea fishing Dubai services. The fishing charter Dubai and their services are available through direct or book a fishing charter Dubai services.

Fishing Trips Dubai


The requirements for fishing trip Dubai are very necessary to follow for a safe and legal fishing trip Dubai experience. For locals, it is also necessary to have the fishing license for the practice to conclude and go through. Meanwhile, the fishing boats Dubai and the fishing charter Dubai need to have the practice and sailing license too. These trips are to be documented and also completed under safety guidelines for fishing Dubai activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Deep sea fishing involves fishing in deeper waters, typically far from the shore, where you can catch larger and more challenging species of fish. It’s an exciting adventure for fishing enthusiasts seeking a thrilling experience.

Dubai offers excellent deep sea fishing opportunities, with prime locations such as the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea. Popular spots include Dubai Marina, Jebel Ali, and the waters around Palm Jumeirah.

Dubai’s deep waters are home to a diverse range of fish species, including kingfish, barracuda, dorado (mahi-mahi), cobia, and various types of snapper and grouper. Depending on the season and location, you might also encounter sailfish, marlin, and tuna.

Not necessarily. Many deep sea fishing charters in Dubai cater to both beginners and experienced anglers. The crew will provide guidance on fishing techniques, equipment usage, and safety measures to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone on board.

It’s recommended to bring sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, comfortable clothing, and non-slip shoes with adequate grip. Don’t forget to bring any necessary medications, snacks, and drinks. Fishing gear and bait are usually provided by the charter company, but you can bring your own if you prefer.

Yes, deep sea fishing trips in Dubai are generally safe when conducted with reputable charter companies that prioritize safety. Experienced captains and crew members ensure that all necessary safety precautions are followed, including providing life jackets, emergency equipment, and briefing passengers on safety protocols before departure.

Deep sea fishing trips in Dubai can vary in duration depending on the charter package you choose. Half-day trips usually last around 4-5 hours, while full-day trips can extend up to 8-10 hours or more. Some charters also offer overnight or multi-day fishing excursions for a more immersive experience.

The best time for deep sea fishing in Dubai is typically during the cooler months, from October to May, when the weather is more pleasant, and fish populations are more active. However, fishing is still possible year-round in Dubai, with different species being more abundant during certain seasons.

Fishing Methods

Trolling is a popular fishing method in Dubai, especially for targeting fast-swimming pelagic species like kingfish, dorado, and tuna. It involves trailing baited lines behind a moving boat, allowing anglers to cover a large area of water and attract fish that are drawn to the movement and vibrations of the bait.

Bottom fishing is ideal for targeting species that inhabit the seabed, such as snapper, grouper, and various types of reef fish. Anglers use weighted rigs baited with natural or artificial baits to lure fish from the bottom.

Choose a suitable location with rocky outcrops, reefs, or underwater structures where bottom-dwelling fish congregate. Use heavy-duty fishing gear and strong lines to handle the potential resistance from larger fish. Pay attention to subtle bites or taps indicating fish activity near the seabed.

Jigging involves vertically presenting a weighted jig or lure to imitate the movement of injured or fleeing prey. It’s an effective technique for catching a wide range of species, including amberjack, cobia, and snapper, particularly in deeper waters.

Experiment with different jigging motions, including vertical jigging, butterfly jigging, and slow-pitch jigging, to entice fish to strike. Choose jigs of appropriate weight and color based on the depth and conditions of your fishing spot. Be prepared for sudden, powerful strikes from aggressive predators attracted to the rapid movements of the jig.

Live bait fishing involves using live fish, such as mullet, sardines, or shrimp, as bait to attract predatory species. It’s a traditional and highly effective method for catching a wide variety of game fish, including sailfish, king mackerel, and barracuda.

Keep live baitfish healthy and active by using a well-aerated bait tank or bucket. Rig live baits with appropriate hooks and weights to allow them to swim naturally and attractively. Monitor the behavior of your live bait closely, as predatory fish often strike when they sense weakness or vulnerability.

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