Fishing Gear: All You Need to Know

Fishing Rods

Fishing Gear: All You Need to Know

Before packing your bags and driving to the airport for your big fishing trip, there are a few things you should take into consideration so that you don’t come back home empty-handed. Today we’re going to be talking about flying with fishing gear and how to properly travel with all of your equipment so that nothing gets lost or damaged in transit.

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There’s nothing worse for a traveling angler than being surrounded by hungry fish without your favorite lure!

If you want to avoid this scenario, you’ve got two options:

  1. Book a fishing charter that provides equipment (FishingBooker helps you do this worldwide).
  2. Travel with your own trusted gear (read on for more information).

If you’re looking for some helpful packing tips for your next big trip, then look no further! Depending on your destination and the amount of luggage you’re willing to bring with you, today we’ll show you a few different packing methods that have worked well for countless others who have gone on similar journeys. Whether you’re traveling alone or with a partner, these tips are sure to make your packing experience a lot smoother and hassle-free.

Fishing Rods: Travel vs Trolling

When it comes to flying with fishing rods, it’s important to consider what you’re looking to get out of your trip. Four-piece travel rods are great for those wanting to do some light fly fishing or use small lures, but if you’re hoping to catch something bigger, you’re going to need a heavy trolling rod or two. This is especially important if you’re planning on chartering a boat, as you can’t be sure that the equipment on board will be up to par. And if you’re hoping to have some fun on the beach, it’s always good to bring along another four-piece travel rod. No matter what your plans are, make sure you’re prepared so you can make the most of your trip!

Fishing Rods

Traveling with your rods is possible and allowed by most airlines. I like to group my rods together in a short rod tube and I’ve never had any problems taking them on local or international flights as carry-on luggage. For extra security, you can tape the rods together or pack them in their original packaging so they don’t move around too much and get damaged.

How to Pack Reels

When it comes to packing reels, the best thing you can do is to take them with you in your carry-on bag, if possible. This will help to prevent any potential loss or damage that could occur during travel. Reels are generally safe and easy to transport, so you shouldn’t have any security issues to worry about.

What about other equipment?

There are some obvious things you can’t bring on a plane with you, like knives and pliers, but there are other things to consider as well when traveling with fishing gear.

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Use common sense and be mindful of what is allowed on airplanes: knives, liquid fly floatant, and metal rod holders are definitely not allowed in carry-on luggage. Be sure to check these in. If you’re carrying lots of unusual equipment, show up at the airport an hour earlier than you normally would to allow for extra time if they make you check in anything.


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