Which Yacht Company is Perfect for Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai

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Those who love fishing will be glad to know that they can now do it in one of the most luxurious and amazing places in the world – Dubai. You can now rent a fishing yacht and experience first-hand what it’s like to sail in its beautiful turquoise waters while also enjoying a fun-filled activity with your family. This is a great way to make new and unforgettable memories together. You can even choose what kind of fishing you want to do depending on the season, what type of fish you want to catch, and which yacht you prefer. Your entire experience will be tailored just for you, making it one-of-a-kind.

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Traditional fishing is a type of fishing that uses common equipment such as rods, reels, and lines. It is a simple concept that can be learned easily, making it ideal for those who lack experience. You can also find a sense of peace while performing this activity, enjoying the tranquility that comes with smooth waters.


Trolling is a type of fishing that uses fishing lines, lures, and baitfish. These are normally behind a moving boat, making it the best way to catch pelagic fish like salmon, mackerel, and kingfish. Trolling requires moving quite slowly – meaning you’ll have plenty of time to take in the views of Dubai and have a nice conversation while you’re at it!


Catching fish with a jig is a more efficient and cost-effective method as it does not require the use of bait. The lure attracts various kinds of fish, which is one of the reasons for its increasing popularity. Jigging in Dubai is even more impressive due to the city’s vast array of fish species that can be caught in its waters.

Bottom fishing in Dubai

Bottom fishing is a type of fishing where you try to catch fish that dwell near the bottom of a body of water, such as groundfish, catfish, bream, or suckerfish. The main difference between this kind of fishing and others is that no float is used with the fishing line in bottom fishing.


Why should you choose Nanje Yachts

Fishing Dubai trip Offering Immense Enjoyment to Families

Deep sea fishing in Dubai is an amazing experience that everyone should try at least once. The weather is beautiful, the water is stunning turquoise, and the fishing is great. Our deep sea fishing Dubai tour package is designed to give customers the best possible experience. We cater to both beginner fishermen and experienced anglers alike. The rich waters of the Arabian Sea are teeming with fish, so you’re sure to catch your fair share. Our deep sea fishing Dubai package is a popular choice among tourists and locals alike.

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