Fishing in Winter is a Great Way to Spend a Day Out

Deep Sea Fishing Dubai

Winter is the Best Season for Fishing in Dubai 

Midwinter in Dubai isn’t just the best time for die-hard anglers. Every exotic lover can enjoy a thrilling experience and a chance to feel what it’s like to be a real ocean hunter. It is safe to say that from late autumn to mid-spring, sea fishing is undoubtedly the most popular recreational activity in Dubai.

Due to the moderate water temperature during the fishing season, Dubai waters are rich in different fish species. During this period, not only can great loot be obtained by deep sea fishing far out in the open, but large predators such as barracudas, cobia, and even cobia can also be found and forced upon reefs and deep sea areas. Barracuda reef shark. Winter is the Best Season for Fishing in Dubai 

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It should be noted that for sport and trophy fishing, it is best to go a little further from shore. The greater the distance, the bigger, stronger and more cunning predators you will encounter. Even more interesting is the struggle against wild nature for “catch-shoot-release”.

High-speed and comfortable boats of our fleet, renting for fishing

Our fleet of fishing boats is fast and comfortable, equipped with all the tackle you need for trolling, casting, jigging, and bottom fishing. Tell our experts about your fishing trip plans and equipment, drinking water and towels will be waiting for you on board the yacht. All you need is sun protection and comfortable non-slip shoes.

High-speed and comfortable boats

In addition to individual fishing, we also organize group and family fishing trips. Note that after the photo shoot you can not only release your catch but also cook it on board the yacht. Depending on the capacity of the charter, you will be accompanied by 2 or 3 crew members.

Fishing in Dubai: The Complete Guide to Fishing in Dubai

Not many tourists know that deep-sea fishing in Dubai is one of the popular activities in Dubai, as well as deep sea diving and other popular water sports in Dubai. You might be surprised to know that Dubai hosts some of the best fishing events in the world every year. Dubai has become a popular fishing destination for tourists who enjoy deep sea fishing Dubai.

Here we will tell you about fishing in Dubai.

deep sea fishing dubai

Why go fishing in Dubai?

Exploring whenever you have the time is one of the best ways to unwind. You should always take some free time from these activities to try out different expeditions. One of the things you can do in your free time is go fishing. It is an ideal pastime for those who live near bodies of water.

Fishing Tips Dubai

Should be Well Equipped

In order to enjoy your fishing trip, you should carry the right tools with you. This includes nets, hooks, baits, and trout fishing.

Hold Time

It is also important to maintain time during such activities. You can put on a watch to tell the time. Taking your watch off while fishing can sometimes be dangerous as it could fall into the water.

Good Fishing Boat Rental Dubai

At this time, a good fishing boat is also essential. You can rent or buy a device that will allow you to navigate the waters with ease. A fishing kayak is one of the best boats for this type of adventure.

Why You Should Go Fishing More Often

A fishing trip is one of the best ways to pass your free time. Here’s why you should do it more often.

Relieve Stress

The stress of overwork can affect your mental health to some extent. You should engage in activities that help calm your mind. One of the best things to try right now is fishing. The focus you have while dipping your baited hook into the water will help you forget about your worries. While fishing as a group, you can also engage in other fun activities that will free you from any stress.


Fishing is an excellent form of recreation for many people. You can compete with your friends who have the biggest catch of the day. Here’s what makes you enjoy this pastime. Your spirits will also be lifted during the process, and you will enjoy participating in the entire practice.

Improve Social Food Sources

It’s also a great food source. You can make a meal based on the fish caught on a specific day. Fish is an excellent source of protein and pairs well with many other dishes. Besides having fun with such activities, you can also end the day with a good meal.

Improve Your Skills

This activity is not as easy as many people think. You should have the right skills to get the perfect catch. We see many people being taught to fish from an early age. Doing this regularly will improve your skills and over time you will perfect this pastime.

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