Plan a Deep Sea Fishing Trip in Dubai

Fishing Rods

Deep sea fishing is perhaps the most popular open-air activity in Dubai. This method involves trolling and bottom fishing, usually 16-20 times, then 40 miles out to sea. On a deep sea fishing holiday in Dubai, you can catch giant barracuda, totoaba, queenfish, tuna, giant mackerel, and a variety of bottom fish.

deep sea fishing dubai

What Fish to Catch and When to Aim It

October to May is basically the best time for deep sea fishing and diving in Dubai. During this time, you may catch goldfish, queenfish, king bream, golden threadfin, and orange grouper. Hamour is usually active from January to April. During the colder months, mainly November to March, you can find cobia in these waters. Your chances of getting bluefin tuna and trevally are greatest in January, then again in April or May. You can catch yellowfin tuna from May to September. Then you can get pike, snapper, and catfish all year round. With the above points in mind, plan your deep sea fishing trip in Dubai to make sure you catch the species you want.

Fishing in Dubai Guide

You can try bottom fishing snapper, grouper, Norway bream, gilthead bream, and other bottom dwellers with a standard rod and reel or hand line. Some anglers combine fishing methods, depending on the species. The local baits of choice are usually small shrimp and squid.

Local anglers target large species such as kingfish, queenfish, cobia, and tuna when trolling. Fake lures can be used for this strategy. The numerous deep sea fishing charters in Dubai consolidate trolling and bottom fishing.

Deep Sea Fishing Dubai

Some Good Things to Remember

Rent a Good Boat

A decent boat guarantees a good fishing experience. Many organizations offer fishing charters in Dubai. You can search for them on the internet or ask your hotel staff as they can give you a better idea of ​​which organization to choose. If you do this correctly, you’ll find that the rest must follow.

Get the Right Gear

You need to make sure you are using the correct fishing gear. Today, fishing charters in Dubai are equipped with the finest onboard equipment to ensure incredible fishing. In any case, you can ask your organization for something similar.

Deep Sea Fishing Dubai

Use the Best Bait

Quality lures will help you on your fishing trip in Dubai. There are lures on the market that can help you catch big fish without major attempts. Also, keep in mind that you will need different types of bait for different fish.

Figure Out How to Read the Situation

It’s best if you’re an expert at this, in case you need to get a decent amount of fish without putting your life at risk. Fish will come and go. However, life is one. You need to know. Be aware of weather conditions and take action

Stay Away from Sea sickness

Another basic tip is to avoid seasickness. If you’ve been a victim of dyskinesia, chances are you’ve experienced it on the water as well. However, by taking the right medication and staying safe, you can make your fishing trip in Dubai more enjoyable and relaxing. We can recommend everything up to you!

keep friendly

The last and most important piece of advice is to be as friendly as possible. You are here to catch fish. However, you can always avoid catching a bad fish by making sure you have the fish you want. Grab what you need. Don’t be cruel to other marine life for no reason.

deep sea fishing dubai

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