Don’t Miss The Trilling Experience of Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai

deep sea fishing dubai

Reasons To Go Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai

Fishing can be of different types, ranging from angling to electro-fishing. Deep sea fishing, also referred to as offshore fishing, is done far away from the shore that are at least 100 feet deep. 

Dubai sea water is considered to be among the cleanest in the world and that is why it is most popular among the fishermen of the world. A deep sea fishing tour in the Persian Gulf would become a cherry on top of your vacation experience in Dubai.

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Enigmatic Experience on Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Walk around Boats are best fishing charters in Dubai often used for Deep Sea Fishing Dubai. Also a best option when you plan a  leisure trip with your family, everything comes at an affordable price. Walk around boat is designed specially for fishing in Dubai Marina; washrooms, extra berths and toilets making the fishing trips more refreshing and enjoyable. Having a cabin with a berth makes it much more relaxing after fishing or during a break. Deep Sea fishing also called offshore fishing is carried out 20 miles away from Dubai Marina; towards Jebel Ali Port. Also, accompanied by a trained & licensed captain & crew.

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How To Get Big Fishes

In deeper waters trips become thrilling due to environmental conditions and strong fish add excitement and an unpredictable nature to the trip. 

Are Serious Strategies and Skills required to go deep sea fishing in Dubai? NO, not at all! Fishers often engage in a friendly competition and have fun. 

We can guarantee that you will not be disappointed by your barracudas, sharks, reef groupers, queen fish and many–many others can be entangled, and prepared specially for you.

Fishing trips can be planned at any time of the year, but in case you are interested in a particular fish, we shall make it easy for you – here’s a quick breakdown:

Barracuda, red snapper or catfish are found throughout the year. So, if you are aiming to bait them, you may plan deep sea fishing in Dubai anytime in the whole year. So when you plan to visit Dubai, you surely know that you can go fishing;

fishing trips in dubai

Summer fishing is really tiring but yes early morning trips are still exciting. The kingfish, grouper and queenfish season starts in October, and ends along with May. We recommend you to come in November through February to hook the best kingfish, grouper and queenfish;

And finally, if you want to reel some Cobia, November through February would be a perfect time to do just that. In the months of March & April you’ll still have a chance to have a decent catch, but don’t expect anything during June, July or August – Dubai is popular for its high summer temperatures.

Best Fishing Charters Dubai

To conclude, the mid autumn to mid spring is considered to be the best time for fishing enthusiasts in Dubai. And all this could be conveniently done as you book deep sea fishing charters at

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